How To Register

Go to  

2.       Fill in your details on the registration form

3.       Open the activation link sent to you by SMS to download the application.

4.       Submit your Certified ID copy & Proof of address to

5.       Once you Fica is received and confirmed go to the application, enter your Username and Password and start playing!

How To Navigate the Site

BETTING:  View all  sport and racing events available to bet on

TODAYS BETTING: All sport and racing events taking place on the current day

RESULTS: View all sport and racing past results

ACCOUNT: View your Statement and Account Balance. Make a Credit Card deposit. Redeem a Top Up Voucher. Send a Deposit notification. Send a Withdrawal request.

INFO/HELP: Banking Details to use for bank deposits. Helpline number

How to Deposit

There are 4 ways to make a deposit into your Mobile account:

1. Cash deposit at a Hollywood branch.

2. Credit Card deposit on the Mobile application

3. Redeem a Top Up Voucher on the Mobile application (voucher bought at any Hollywood branch & Boxer store)

4.Electronic or Cash deposit into a Hollywood bank account:

Absa                       4065090549             632005              La Lucia

First National          62107054554           220526              Florida Road

Nedbank                 1305895991             130526              Smith Street

Standard Bank       250759128                043626              Briardene


1. REFERENCE: For easy identification please us your Account Number as reference for any transactions made.

2. DEPOSIT NOTIFICATION: Once you have made a deposit, send a “Deposit Notification” under 'Account' so that the deposit can be verified and approved. This will also speed up the process of getting your deposit to show in your mobile account faster.

Take a Sports Bet!

1. Select 'Betting'

2  Select a Sport you want to bet on

3. Choose a Tournament

4. Choose an Event

5. Choose the Team you want to bet on

6. Type in your Stake  (the amount you want to bet)

7. Submit bet

Take a Horse Racing Bet

1. Select 'Betting'

2. Select 'Horse Racing'

3. Select a race meeting

4. Select a Race

5. Select a Horse *

6. Select a Bet Type

7. Type in your Stake, which is the amount you want to bet.

8. Submit bet.

* For Exotic Bets – Select the 'Open Bet' option at top of the page

How to Check a Ticket

1. Select 'Account'

2. Select 'Statement'

3. Choose the relevant date range

4. Choose the type of bet you want to view: Pending, Winning, Completed

5. Select the bet you want to view

6. All details of your relevant bet ticket will appear

How to Cancel a Ticket

1. Call 08600 46559

2. State your Tickets Reference Number

3. State your Account Number

4. A friendly Hollywood team member will assist you with cancelling your ticket

Take a Multiple Bet

1. Follow the same steps to take a single a single soccer bet

2. After typing in your stake submit it as a 'Multiple Bet (Add leg)

3. Go though the same process and select your next team submitting as manY multiple bets as you want

4. When all teams have been selected Submit bet to activate it.

5. To view all your teams, click 'View List'

How to Withdraw

There are 2 ways to make a withdrawal from your mobile account:

1. From your closest Hollywood branch. ID book required.

2. Send us a withdrawal request notification from with the required amount to be withdrawn


Please call the Hollywood Helpline for any questions regarding Hollywood Mobile Betting.

Helpline Number: 08600 42387

Monday to Saturday 08:00 – 19:00

Sundays 08:00 – 18:00